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    Hi, I have a Verifone VX690 terminal that should’ve been picked up when my contract ended but it didn’t. So I have a useless brick and I figured the printer could be useful.


    The terminal seems to run on a OS called “Verix”, and tinkering around with some menus I found that it does have a “download” option, which I assume could be used to install firmware.


    So, does anyone know if there is some kind of modded version of Verix that’ll allow me to use the printer with a USB connection? I know it *might* be possible, because a local McDonald’s uses the same terminal but with what seems to be a custom-made OS.


    Also sorry if this doesn’t fit the sub, feel free to delete the post.

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    I used to program these. Most of it is done in a DOS like program and downloaded via the ethernet port. The “download” menu you’re referring to is used to download updates from a preprogrammed phone number in the config file. You might be able to find a version of the software somewhere online to further tinker.

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