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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone can give any info on using a portable 4g/5g modem as the main source of internet. I’m moving house and away from a good NBN connection. So wondering if anyone has had any issues using one of these before?
    – any issues
    – won’t make a difference
    – will it affect VPNs
    – good for work
    – etc

    I’ll hopefully be using it for work as well and connecting to a VPN.
    Also play around on HTB and THM and other platforms.

    Thanks hope it’s not a dumb question, just never really looked into a 4g modem before.

    Thanks in advance .

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    Look for a pay and go plan with unlimited data and just use an old phone with a tether, even wifi or usb or bluetooth if you want.

    A VPN on the phone won’t route data from the tether, so you need a VPN on the laptop.

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    If you can, check out the location and see if there is an open xfinity connection around for Comcast customers. If so and you’re not a customer, then ask around and see if you can use someone’s account to get internet.

    When I moved recently we couldn’t get internet for 2 weeks, so I used a Pi 4 to connect to the xfinity connection then shared it through the Ethernet port to a spare router I had. Ran a VPN on the Pi. Bam, instant and secure home WiFi. It would disconnect or throttle me occasionally, but cell service sucked for pretty much all carriers here and it was free anyways so I couldn’t complain.

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    I use one for work a lot. Never problems with VPN.
    Connection issues just depend on the provider and where you are (connection with masts).
    If you are going to a very rural area, yeah then you might have more issues.

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