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    Hey guys new to the community, was playing watchdog recently and made me wonder how much of the things he does could be real now or maybe in the future. Can some one elaborate on some of the stuff he does like I’m watching Mythbusters?

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    They only way the things in watchdogs could happen is if you had a well funded team that basically spent most of there lives looking for exploits regarding the most used software and or devices that every single citizen used.

    So basically improbable unless your a massive government corporation.

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    Well not yet. The game is set just a few years in the future (WD1 is 2023). So basically IOT(internet of things) has taken over the world. IOT is where we connect every electric device to the internet to make it “smarter”. So for eg. you can turn on your coffee on machine with your phone. Just google IOT. Now in real life people are concerned about the security of IOT because that would make watch dogs a reality and the game is actually a kind of warning.

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