June 15, 2021

We Are Data – MOVIE containing quite some philosophy for hackers


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    We Are Data – MOVIE containing quite some philosophy for hackers

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    I’m dense. All I got from this is: panopticon bad; decentralized innovation good. Is that an oversimplification? What nuance did I miss?

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    I loved it, it reminded me of Serial Experiments Lain ,,

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    I really like the lighting and camera work in this

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    Gave this an award. Loved it

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    Trying way too hard to be artistic

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    Is this the full film? (21 min long) or is there a longer version somewhere. Would like to watch the full version before spoiling it with this if there’s one to be seen

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    The part where I do not agree is when they say: The world is built on data. It’s rather the other way round. We built data on top of the resources we were dealt. It’s not like there is no alternative possible although I admit that it is very unlikely that our data infrastructure is going to go away again.

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    What was that ending?

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    I’ve seen this before and honestly didn’t like it and didn’t find it very informative at all. It’s things I already knew plus it’s trying way too hard with every scene.

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    Jesus, this is like watching an artist who watched one single documentary about big data and had to do a film project on it. The information is useless, but I guess the art is ok from a purely art perspective. The artistic style and the topic doesn’t really match though.

    This video like looking at a brochure filled with Lorem Ipsum.

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    To be honest, they lost me with the pretentious opening and the ridiculously overdrawn shot of a child building sand mounds. The attempted forced poignancy made this the most awkward video watching experience I’ve had in a while.

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    Yes. Watched it. Loved it. Im not alone )

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