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    I am contemplating which course to go with thanks

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    Cybrary is good, and there’s a ton of content on YouTube. But it really depends on what you’re trying to do. Do you have a tech background?

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    Best ones i tryed tbh and they teach you in steps to you can easily learn everything

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    Network chuck

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    Hacking is a HUGE subject – I’d say 90% of people on platforms like reddit want to learn hacking for 1 specific goal – Delete their ex’s instagram, get into their neighbours wifi to get around their parents porn filter or otherwise take revenge on someone.

    If you take your time to read up on the various technologies and ‘types’ of hacking, You can then see what parts of computer security interest you, and then you have a point of research to get started.

    Of course, Everyone starts somewhere – TryHackMe.com is a really good start and has full-on walkthroughs on how to use various hacking tools and even has computers (or ‘boxes’) set up for you to try out those tools and follow the walkthrough. There are also challenge boxes of various difficulties to try your newly learned skills.
    HackTheBox is also pretty good, but it has a fairly steep learning curve. It’s very much ‘The Deep end’
    Personally, I started on HackThisSite.com and although it’s kinda outdated, you can still learn a lot from it.

    OverTheWire is another one I know of and vaguely remember having tried it YEARS ago, but can’t really remember much about it.

    I only suggest the above because computer security can be pretty heavy going if you are reading theory without context, and I personally learn better by doing stuff and supplementing it by reading/researching.
    Udemy has a couple of courses, but there are always mixed responses when it comes to…. well, anything to do with computers and security (It’s that sort of community). I’d say you can learn pretty much everything you need to know to get started online for free, and continue learning very cheaply if you subscribe to one of the sites above.

    Youtube also keeps suggesting some 15hr long hacking video to me, but I’ve not really had the chance to see what it’s all about – codecamp.org I think is the account name.

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