May 19, 2021

What are the best online hacking courses?

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    Most of the time many articles written about hacking and courses to take aren’t always truthful or trustworthy. As such I was wondering what the best courses online are for hacking (any level from complete beginner to intermediate). Some courses are ones you have to pay for but there are free options, either way the free ones could be even better than the expensive ones. I wanted to ask other hackers what they genuinely thought the best courses online are!

    Edit: By hacking I don’t mean any particular topic, it could be penetration, malware, ect.

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    the best free course is a search engine and your determination to solve a problem. sit down in front of a virtual box(hack the box, etc), run into a problem, and beat your head against it until it breaks.

    nothing beats it

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    So what are you defining as “hacking”? Penetration testing (network, web application, etc.), software exploitation, digging at the hardware and firmware of a device?

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