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    I wasnt paying attention and I pressed a link and I’m pretty sure it was an ip grabber but I have no idea what they can do with it. Could someone please educate me on the matter?

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    Could be a session hijacker. Any saved passwords you had are now theirs. Even account information not “saved” can still show up (mostly url & email associated with url)

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    Nothing really unless they are sitting outside your house. They may know your city and state and internet service provider.

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    If someone obtained your public IP, they could potentially try to exploit any internet facing devices/servers (ie Web server, SSH server) that you run from your network to ultimately steal important info and files from your devices. Other than that, like said in other comments, your country, state and city are exposed to whoever has your IP.

    Usually, if you click something fishy and aren’t sure what it did, its unlikely all that it did was go grab your IP and fuck off.

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    Your IP address is known by every website you visit, so every site can be considered an “IP grabber”.

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