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    This may be a stupid question but I haven’t been able to find an answer in the 30 minutes i’ve been google searching. What prevents someone from transmitting on any radio frequency, for example police radio. I feel like there would need to be some security there, but for some reason I can’t find anything. Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Nothing. Good manners and social co-operation.
    It’s another thing to get away with it.

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    Radio operators police themselves and FCC fines are no joke. They will geolocate your ass and come say hi then doxx. HAM forums sometimes have horror stories like this for more egregious events.

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    Don’t forget, triangulation to isolate position of a transmitter is old tech.

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    A product page, but a gentle introduction: https://bearcom.com/blog/fcc/why-going-unlicensed-is-not-worth-the-risk

    And then search for “FCC Fines” and look at the numbers. Whew.

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    How does the FCC locate people who are violating? I’ve heard it’s fast and swift when people violate the policies.

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