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    I was reading the pinned post on this sub and saw that a good way to get into hacking is to do CTF’s. I did some research on them and found that they encompass a whole plethora of coding languages that I have never even dipped my toes in.

    So I guess a follow-up question would be: Where do I start with coding? Between Java, JavaScript, Python, C, Windows and Linux scripting, etc, where do I even begin?

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    This is a tricky question because there’s no right answers. I could say you don’t need any programming language experience to get into CTF’s. But I know people will say “oh but you need to know python and java and html for website hacking.

    Look, know the basics with python and java and you’ll be fine. Learn how operating system security works and that will be your best route. Learn where users are mostly likely to make human errors, wrong file permissions, easy passwords, lack of firewall configurations. Etc, it’s endless.

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    Plenty of CTF’s don’t require much of a Programming background. The National Cyber League is where I started, and its mostly not coding and focuses on other things like Password Cracking and Open Source Intelligence. You’ll have to wait until the next season however.

    Python is a good start with Programming. Most of the things you’ll do in a security context can be achieved through Python. If you want to work with things at the lower level, you’ll need to learn C eventually.

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    What do you want to focus on in terns of hacking? There are several subsets of skills, and while you can eventually learn them all you need to pick something you are interested in and start there. So which aspect of hacking interest you specifically at the moment?

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    Bring your computer and start playing.

    Try your best. Google the things you don’t understand.

    After the CTF, talk to others and ask how they solved things you could not.

    Go home, and do more research, and set up your own training ground.

    Wash, rinse, repeat.

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