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    I develop most of my customer-facing stuff on a LAMP stack, and wrap it up with an external Acunetix scan. Are there any other recommended tools specific to this tech? I tried searching around, particularly for PHP code analysis, but I’m coming up empty handed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    You’ll probably get a better response in /r/asknetsec if you can formulate a clear and specific question. This subreddit is more focused on breaching than securing.

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    Security should be part of the entire development process, from the initial planning to maintaining after release. It’s hard to fix something if there is a security flaw in your applications architecture. Security is not something you can slap on afterwards. It happens often that developers try to secure their applications afterwards by throwing cryptography at it but that doesn’t help. It’s not the developers fault though, they are pressured in making progress implementing feature after feature. And to management security doesn’t look like a feature, it’s no visible progress.

    Sorry for the non-specific answer.

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