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    Hello recently a search and rescue group formed in my town, and I joined them. I have an idea about something that can be helpful.

    The idea is a device that triangulates a cell phone. My idea is basically an imsi catcher, that calculates distance between itself, devices in the range, and the closest cell tower based on signal strength.

    From what I read online it’s possible to make, but I wanna know if its worth making, and that’s why I’m asking this.

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    i’d imagine it would depend on how big your antenna is. but if its up in the mountains, good luck finding a cell tower out there.

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    An IMSI catcher/Stingray is making your own device a cell tower, essentially tricking the persons phone into connecting to you because your antenna is hopefully more powerful/stronger/closer then the cell towers signal. If you deploy this in the middle of nowhere with no cell tower, you could program it to send an SMS or phone call to devices that connect to it and verify they are ok or communicate with them. Very good idea for S&R and easy to build with as I’ve made one.

    Edit: this is usually done with something like a BladeRF and a laptop or computer running a few scripts

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