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    I have been reading daily CyberSec (Dark Reading and SANS) news for about 4 months now (a little before the SolarWinds attack). I have seen coverage of different threat agency’s and names of different hacker groups. Majority seem to be from Russia or China. However, I have not seen a single news piece in regards to US hacking something. What is the reason for this?

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    You aren’t going to get a lot of coverage of that in US news sources.You’ll have to go to foreign sources and trust what they say. Maybe Kaspersky blog.

    There are a number of reasons for that. First you have to realize the goals and who conducts hacking are different in different nations. The US has a fair number of non-affiliated hackers, but a low number of government employed hackers. This differs from China and Russia.

    In addition targets of US government hacks are usually limited to government targets, they generally aren’t targeting private companies for obvious reasons, while China and Russia need those as valid targets. And foreign governments are a lot less likely to report breaches in nations where the government needs to appear strong at all costs. They aren’t going to easily tell the public that some area of their defense was compromised unless they absolutely have to.

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    Because this don’t fulfills the agenda? By the way what is with cases like Stuxnet? Of course the US would never acknowledge it came from them but so do North Korea and China.

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    Our news is a source of propaganda that US is better than everyone.

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    We’re better at it…

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    That’s a great question because it definitely happens.

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    Ever heard of Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame, Gauss or the [US attacks on the Russian power grid](https://www.wired.com/story/russia-cyberwar-escalation-power-grid/)?

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    The NSA and GCHQ hacked Gemalto to steal SIM card data so they could crack the encryption on them in real time and spy on terrorists.




    Also the Equation Group = the NSA hacking team. They hack other countries and companies mainly in Iran, Russia, Pakistan, and Syria.


    Then you have the NSA and Israel teaming up to make Stuxnet to fuck with Iran


    Lastly, Flame botnet. Used to spy on middle eastern countries for espionage.


    In short, there is tons of news about this type of stuff, you just arent looking 🙂

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