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    Was watching a video about how there were some leaks of user info on facebook, decided to go use a website to see if some of my info got leaked, it did. So, I decided to just google an old password of mine (very unique) and I found a few documents containing thousands of accounts/emails with their passwords revealed. I went through a handful of accounts to see if the passwords were valid, and doesn’t seem to be the case. But still, there’s gotta be a good chunk of them that might still be valid where the users haven’t used the email in a while. One of them is anonymously posted as far as I’m aware. I would share where they are at, but it’s not just my info.

    Any help/resources would be appreciated!
    EDIT: I realize this may be the wrong sub for asking such a thing, but I just wasn’t sure where else to post :/

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    If this is the recent one, everyone and their mother knows about it and so I hope facebook is also aware.

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