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    Have a telemarketer who I’m going to sue. Does Whois.net show you who owns the site? And how can I find who owns it if they hide their information?

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    * whois may show you the owner of the site and it may not. If the owner purchased privacy services, it will not show. Only route is to get a subpoena for the data from the domain provider. If the domain provider isn’t in the US, you’re SOL.

    * Good luck finding a lawyer to that the case of ‘i want to sue the owner of a website’. Pretty uncommon and successful without getting LEOs involved.

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    You’ll have to use a combination of nslookups and whois lookups to see who registered the site, what other sites they have registered, what emails they use when registering all these sites, and from the emails you’ll be able to track them down on social media.

    Open up a text file to paste your findings into, it will be a bit of a rabbit hole until you gather enough into to parse out the specific contact info.

    Just start googling for nslookup sites, looking up, and pasting for a while, then start narrowing it down to their emails and names, then atart looking for username lookup sites to get usernames from the emails. You should be able to get their geogeaphic locations and business addresses by doing it this way, hopefully along with their social media accounts.

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