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    So I was wondering why deauthentication frames aren’t protected by default. When wifi standards were created, wasn’t it obvious that unprotected deauthentication frames could be a problem? And why do most routers don’t have the Protected Management Frames standard by default?

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    Like most things, it is because at the time the standard was developed, that was not a priority. In the time since, Protected Management Frames have been implemented by numerous vendors of 802.11 WiFi equipment.

    However, like most things, when you upgrade a protocol, you still need to retain compatibility with old versions of the protocol, for interoperability between current-spec and old-spec devices.

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    Most things that are put out there, in the wild code being used isn’t audited for security or even thought of in security fashion.

    Deadlines are shorter and shorter, people have very little time to make code work let alone make it work and make it safe

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    Dont question it, embrace it!

    I dont actually know either, its an interesting question

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