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    Windows 10 used to be really easy to hack into without a password but I tested it on my new laptop and it asked for administrator password. Old method was entering windows recovery, opening command prompt, renaming cmd to utilman, then resetting the password. Is there a new method that avoids admin password prompts?

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    I once used chntpw on Kali it’s pre-installed but you can download it on Linux

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    utilman..? I’ve always just done sethc on windows machines and launched accessability options / sticky keys on login prompt. sethc still runs as a privileged user afaik,

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    USB Boot and mount the file system, and hope it isn’t bitlockered

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    [It’s been a couple of years now.]( I am not skilled enough to recommend any specific alternatives, but a quick search pretty much confirms the recommendation by u/sarlaytos284.

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    If you are using the shift+restart method, it does ask for a password. You can use the windows recovery tool to bypass that, I just checked and it worked.

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    Ubuntu live disc + winpass = win

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    Hirens windows 10 pe live usb has lazesoft password changer. Also has a bunch of other great utilities. 10/10 recommended for any IT nerd / technician.

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    I used [this]( method just a couple months ago to help a friend who got locked out of their computer.

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    What version of Windows are you running? I use the utilman “hack” several times a month and it never failed me. I’ve tried it up until 2004 I think. Is it fixed in 20H2?

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