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    ok i have a windows 10 laptop the only issue is my parents have made it literally impossible to install anything on it (limited user aka i cant run as admin or install without admin password) and this is an issue . i know they are trying to keep me “safe” but condsidering i cant even install fire fox without having to ask my mom to put in the password and she isn’t techsavy so she just calls my dad and asks is it ok to install said program which also means any program he hasnt heard of is an automatic no. sense i am always needing to installing new programs for my projects i need someway to find the password or pin for their account without reseting it or the pc ( this is out of necessity because they wont let me install java) I managed to get them to install virtual box by telling them it was a school program so i have limited access to Kali and i can probably get my mom to enter her password to a realistic enough looking password prompt or a keylogger that works when the windows prompt asks for your password. I understand how stupid i must sound going on this subreddit but i kinda need this password

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