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    If you want a quick and dirty lab to explode untrusted “things”, those two together seem to be phenomenal. Full disclosure: I have not extensively tested sandbox detection (which I think would fail, so the advanced stuff will not execute) or vectors for sandbox escape. For the amateur the before and after from InstallWatchPro is probably all you’ll need.

    ProTip: Run the InstallWatch Pro executable in Windows XP compatibility mode

    ProTip2: Be careful where you download that unsupported software from, hash it to make sure.

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    Honestly – once I download pretty advanced malware attached in email (as a part of investigation). I run it on a clean machine, without network connectivity and inside Windows Sandbox (where I put all my process explorers and network sniffers used) and the malware did not detect that is running in sandboxed environment. I think its just a matter of time when malware producers will find a way how to detect Windows Sandbox.

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