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    Hello all,

    it’s been a while since I posted. I really got sick but now I’m back once again. been out of the game for a couple of months. I wanted to get back into the game once again. Recently I went to the swap meet and bought myself Linksys router at a good price $5. The model I found was WRT54GL at the time I didn’t know if it was good or not. I guess I was lucky to find out it’s a good router. I turn on the device and notice wifi comes up. I wanted to see if I could guess the password.

    Now my question is I used the most current wordlist that Kali came with but didn’t find anything. I used the best64.rule and nothing came up.

    My question is. If the password has a upper and lower letters if I try to use a wordlist that only has lower case will it find the password?

    2. had anyone found a good wpa2 wordlist. I notice there are a lot out there but those are wordlist for hash not WPA.

    3. Would a good WPA world list start from 8 to 12 characters long or is that too much?


    Any kind of help would be awesome.

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    Read our wiki. We have an entire Cracking section


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    The craziest wordlist is called rocktastic, it consists of 4 billion words. You also want to check into using crunch and try experimenting with rouge aps. Id suggest making a wordlist with the minimum character count first from the 4bil wordlist cause even if you are using a titan, it will take you several days to try all the words. I’ve had better luck with old routers still using wps and setting up a rouge ap.

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