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    Considering that new (post 2018) routers are usually shipped with randomly-created secure passwords, 16 or more alphanumeric lower and upper case characters, is it still possible to perform WPA cracking on a laptop in a reasonable (less than a day) amount of time?

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    No it is not possible to crack a WPA based hash if the password is 16 alphanumeric characters in a reasonable length of time. You can work this out yourself if you look at something like hashcat benchmarks (to get crack speed) and compare to the keyspace (number of possible passwords)

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    I suggest you read our wiki. We have a Cracking an wifi section, https://old.reddit.com/r/hacking/wiki/index

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    16 chars? no. Probably would do an active attack on WPS with something like reaver… default passwords are going to be on the sticker on the router

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    **Brute Force Search Space Analysis:**

    .| .
    Search Space Depth (Alphabet):| 26+26+10 = 62
    Search Space Length (Characters): | 16 characters
    Exact Search Space Size (Count): | 48,453,916,488,902,607,769,120,106,730
    Search Space Size (as a power of 10): | 4.85 x 10^28

    **Time Required to Exhaustively Search this Password’s Space:**

    .| .
    Assuming one thousand guesses per second |15.41 thousand trillion centuries
    Assuming one hundred billion guesses per second | 1.54 hundred million centuries
    Assuming one hundred trillion guesses per second | 1.54 hundred thousand centuries

    From [GRC’s Interactive Brute Force Password “Search Space” Calculator](https://www.grc.com/haystack.htm)

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    Nope, even with cloud cracking services but there is possibility to acquire key by using roque AP and phishing. Also WPS vulnerability. Plus most wifi chipsets from Broadcom and Cypress(around billion devices at the moment) have bug that gives you ability to hack Wifi even with WPA2 AES fairly easily and fast(under 30min for sure) no matter on key length.

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