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    So I’m trying to learn kali linux, and as I was expecting im running trough some problems. After using Airodump for packet sniffing a target, I used the command –write so it would write me in a folder the info I needed, the thing is, after I used the command I cant seem to find where the written file is, been searching for hours but im fairly noob yet with all these new stuff. Can any of you help me with these? Appreciate yall!!

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    The problem is that root is blocked for me

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    Sorry I have no englisch link but you should learn some Linux basics like how to interact with the terminal/console.

    In linux based systems many applications lack a graphical user interface known from windows applications.

    If the tools are preinstalled they most likely in your environment path and entering the name of the tool/binary in terminal/console should at least give you the help output of it.

    Many executables/scripts need additional arguments like which WiFi interface to use and similar configuration stuff.

    Also you don’t need to be root to run tools that need root-rights. You can use the command “sudo” which is a short for “super user do” as a normal user. The username only has to applied in the configuration file under “/etc/sudoers”

    Just duplicate that root entry in that file and replace root with your username in that duplicate line and save the file but for this you need to be one time root because writing to that file is restricted.

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    –write is only for the file prefix,not location, they’re automatically stored in the directory where you ran airodump

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