May 9, 2021

Xiaomi band hacking: General discusion.

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    This is the same post as:: []( but I want to actually post any progress I make, and would like you guys to join in and help me, so we can do it together 😉


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    The generall aproch of rooting this would be to uplode a malicous update. For this we need to reverse engineer hhow to app handles updates. You guys sugested to use this open sorce app and just look up the code – []( When we find how it handles updates we need to make our own app do upload a custom update. The update should record all the functions going on on the band, so that we find the needed functions to for example set the foot steps to a custom amount. The update should also be able to establish a conection between the atacker and the target so that we can take these functions and use them.

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    We could just de asemble it and modify it, but if we just send a update, then we can do this to mi bands you dont have physical access. We could break the conection between to victims phone and his band, and make it pair with our phone to our fake app that will send the malicous update.

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    What do you think guys?

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