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    Hi all,
    I hope this is the right community to ask to..
    I have 5 large .zip files of photos I took years ago, for some reason locked by password.

    Is there any tool to brute force the password?
    I have a PC with windows 10 (I can install linux if necessary), and a GPU if needed..
    I can code, if necessary too.

    The password is probably going to be alphanumeric, but possibly mat contain one symbol (e.g. _, or ?)

    Thanks for your help!

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    Just google and download a cracker but at least know a bit of the password or youll need a nasa computer

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    guy finds file called “family” on his pc password protected = porn pics he forgot about. lol

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    Yeah you might be able to extract the hashes and put it into hashcat so no Linux required. Depends on the zip program you used, there are no garauntees though. Probably remembering the types of characters you used will lower the entropy when you’re cracking will be most important

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    Never used but heard good things about john the ripper, just get a good word list like rockyou.txt

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    John the ripper has a tool for this. Not sure if it can use the gpu but I’ve had food success with it in the past

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