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Published on February 24th, 2020 📆 | 6980 Views ⚑


A Coronavirus Ransomware

Thanks for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it 🙂
Get aware about coronavirus : https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public
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This video is for educational purposes only, watchers should not try to infect any computer with a virus unless with prior consent, legal authority and for testing/educational purposes, and that the video contains a video of testing a virus on a Virtual Machine, for educational purposes, which means no people or machines were negatively impacted or harmed in the making of the video. Also say that users should not try to copy this (testing viruses) at home without adequate prior knowledge or supervision, and they should only do so with their own computers; finally, in all situations, they should never break the law in any way with the use of viruses, and in the event they do, neither you nor YouTube is legally responsible in any way.


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25 Responses to A Coronavirus Ransomware

  1. Which website did you get the malware from?

  2. n310ea says:

    FYI Windows OEM license is more prone to malware than the Retail license.

  3. I maked a virus calles Corona Malware

  4. Cool 89 says:

    COVID-19 in ya computer? Your dead son!

  5. billie says:

    i would kill my fake friends phone if i were to borrow it with a virus, anyone who has suggestion of viruses in IOS that could kill ur phone?

  6. Zane Clay says:

    siam please show me how to setup vm myy dis tag is ion shotz#2620

  7. Preston says:

    Greenland's the only country that won't get it

  8. i am scared of the coronavirus tho

  9. it has gotten so bad even computers are getting infected.

  10. Breaking News-the coronavirus has spread to computers.

  11. siam alam can you share ÿ.exe with me

  12. Yknow, this would be an awfully efficient way to collect funds for nonprofits for coronavirus vaccine research and distribution

  13. This rànsomware is as strong as the real one,the COVID-19

  14. aec says:

    The only thing in china more infectious than Coronavirus is your average chinese website

  15. well.. my pc has a information over and over about corona virus

  16. Hey @Siam Alam if i run virus on VmWare it will destroy my main or only VM? Im very serious please respond to me

  17. Haha I will give you challenge you will download my virus Name is Chrome 420 virus this is my virus OK please antivirus vs Chrome 420 virus like your video please and this is new virus I will create OK because I like hex sorry but I will give you my virus OK link here

  18. Coronavirus vs Petya,
    Coronavirus vs wanna cry.

  19. BuavZ says:

    Try the .rezm Ransomware.

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