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Pentest Tools ABD - Course Materials For Advanced Binary Deobfuscation

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ABD – Course Materials For Advanced Binary Deobfuscation

This repository contains the course materials of Advanced Binary Deobfuscation at the Camp (GCC) Tokyo in 2020.
Reverse engineering is not easy, especially if a binary code is obfuscated. Once obfuscation performed, the binary would not be analyzed accurately with naive techniques alone. In this course, you will learn obfuscation principles (especially used by malware), theory and practice of analysis, and how to write your own tool for deobfuscation. In particular, we delve into data-flow analysis and SAT/SMT-based (e.g., symbolic execution) to render obfuscation ineffective.
This course is about binary deobfuscation, meant for security analysts and researchers (in embryo) looking to add a skill set on writing your own tool to their arsenal. At the end of this class, attendees will be able to:
Towards this end, the course was held in the form of a combination of classroom learning and hands-on training at GCC.
Attendees should have:
The following links are useful to bridge the gap.

We assume Ubuntu 18.04 with Miasm, Z3, and Jupyter Notebook.

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