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Published on May 24th, 2020 📆 | 5497 Views ⚑


Activate Microsoft Office 2019 & Office365 With CMD Without Software

Activate Microsoft Office 2019 (CMD)
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Activate Any Windows & Any Office in 60Sec IN HINDI |[2020]

Website to view Cmd


🙏Plz check which office version u have installed.

activate windows 10 with cmd


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49 Responses to Activate Microsoft Office 2019 & Office365 With CMD Without Software

  1. Aulia Dila says:

    it's work! thankyou so much

  2. i didn't understand the first step . you opened text document and how did you fill it ? from where do i get all that content ?

  3. Where can I get the code?

  4. I'm going crazy I don't know how to do there is no program to help me anymore please I need help!!!!


  6. Awesome video,how long does the activation last for

  7. Why is it saying compatability mode

  8. Thank you verrrrrrry much thank you again

  9. actually i had uninstalled these ms office apps before watching this video, but now I want them back(but cant install them without paying them or without key) to follow steps suggested by you, Please help

  10. SLOtastic says:

    Ngl at first I thought that it was fake, but my man Tech proved me wrong. When I saw that it worked, my jaw open as never….congrats man!!!!

  11. Nice script bro! I got u 7 more subs (my friends liked it aswell)

  12. Thank you very much, you really helped me🥰

  13. Oh gosh…it works! Thanks sir!

  14. Thank u so much sir 🤗

  15. It Shows 'Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software.'

    Plzzz Help …this virus is distressing me more then corona virus…😒🙏

  16. Ara Rahma says:

    Hello, how to get the code in notepad? Did you press something?

  17. note pad par likhna kya h , o to kahi se mila hi nahi , ki ap likhe kya ho

  18. It works. Wow. So thankful 😄

  19. Ultikiller says:

    why does it say my version is not supported, im using office 2019

  20. wreckitraf says:

    Hi, I would like to ask is this only lasts for a year? Tq


  22. Dated: 18-05-2020
    It's working awesome 👌👌👌 keep doing more videos

  23. Bro help me mine is also not getting activated., .. it is showing version not supported… Pls help

  24. Thank you soooooo much! I wasn't sure it would work but it did, thank you so so much!!

  25. Hi can u pls help me? I dont know where the text came from and i stop in that step. Pls help thanks.

  26. gracias papus, te mereces mis respetos¡¡¡

  27. Bhai mere ismai server one erorr hota fir wapis kms server error aara and product activation failed aara

  28. 5/18/20 it is still working. new laptop win 10, preinstalled office. activated succesfully

  29. This assumes that the MS product has already been installed on your PC and needs to be activated, but how did you get the product onto your PC with an activation key?

  30. Its showing "connection to KMS server failed" what to do ?

  31. Thanks bro. But I have problem activating it saying my version is not supported. Pls help.

  32. Yo guys can i delete the cmd after this?? need answer asap

  33. man where can i get that text at 1:30?

  34. Do I need to turn off my antivirus?

  35. at first I thought it faailed but I restarted my pc and it worked perfectly, subbed and liked!!!!

  36. its working thanks bro (:(:(: keep doing awesome videos

  37. thank you so much it worked for me

  38. bien bro!! vi un huevo de tutoriales en espanol pero tu sin hablar los cagaste a todos eres un crack!!!!!!

  39. WOWWWWW!! Thank u sooo much !!!

  40. William W says:

    the site with the code is malicious (containing malware) according to Virustotal.

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