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An Experimental Phishing Kit Detection Tool

Miteru is an experimental phishing kit detection tool.

How it works

  • It collects phishy URLs from the following feeds:
  • It checks each phishy URL whether it enables directory listing and contains a phishing kit (compressed file) or not.
    • Note: compressed file = *.zip, *.rar, *.7z, *.tar and *.gz.




$ miteru
  miteru execute         # Execute the crawler
  miteru help [COMMAND]  # Describe available commands or one specific command
$ miteru help execute
  miteru execute

  [--auto-download], [--no-auto-download]              # Enable or disable auto-download of phishing kits
  [--directory-traveling], [--no-directory-traveling]  # Enable or disable directory traveling
  [--download-to=DOWNLOAD_TO]                          # Directory to download file(s)
                                                       # Default: /tmp
  [--post-to-slack], [--no-post-to-slack]              # Post a message to Slack if it detects a phishing kit
  [--size=N]                                           # Number of's results. (Max: 10,000)
                                                       # Default: 100
  [--threads=N]                                        # Number of threads to use
                                                       # Default: 10
  [--verbose], [--no-verbose]
                                                          # Default: true

Execute the crawler
$ miteru execute
... it doesn't contain a phishing kit. it doesn't contain a phishing kit. it doesn't contain a phishing kit. it might contain a phishing kit (

Using Docker (alternative if you don’t install Ruby)

$ git clone
$ cd miteru/docker
$ docker build -t miteru .
$ docker run miteru
# ex. auto-download detected phishing kit(s) into host machines's /tmp directory
$ docker run -v /tmp:/tmp miteru execute --auto-download

Aasciinema cast

For using --post-to-slack feature, you should set the following environment variables:

  • SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL: Your Slack Webhook URL.
  • SLACK_CHANNEL: Slack channel to post a message (default: “#general”).


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