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Published on March 6th, 2021 📆 | 8602 Views ⚑


An undo option for tweets?

Twitter seems to be working on an undo option for tweets posted by a user. The option isn’t officially announced but could be a possibility as the tweets on the platform can sometimes get out of hand. It was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, a proficient application developer, that uncovered the option of undoing your recent tweet. From the gif posted by Jane, the feature seems to be similar to the Gmail recall tool that can retract an email within a 30-second timeframe. The gif displays a blue bar that displays the time left to undo a tweet. It does not depict what the actual timeframe is, and appears to be 5-7 seconds. Since the feature isn’t publicly available yet, the timeframe could receive a possible extension, like the 30-second Gmail retract option.


Twitter engaged in a conversation with CNN last week and hinted at a possible undo button that could save you from a moment of embarrassment. The undo option is far from the editable tweet option, which is a long yearned feature requested by Twitter users. Jack Dorsey did confirm that they do not intend to build an edit tweet option as it would question the credibility of the tweets and the thoughts of a person. I feel likewise as it could be just like Facebook, where users retract and change statements from time to time.

One more thing about the undo button is that it might not be entirely free. Twitter remains the only platform that does not have a proprietary monetization service for account holders. By designing a subscription service like YouTube, the Twitter profiles could have some exclusive content available for paid subscribers. The content could range from a variety of media, including newsletters, behind the scene clips, personalized interactions with subscribers, and much more.

Twitter’s investor relations team did release a statement regarding its future plans. The statement described that the platform would be testing a ton of features among which a few could make the final cut and become available right away. The statement said “Over the course of this year, you’ll see us test subscription products in public. You’ll hear more about them. And hopefully, you’ll see some of these products roll out as well.” The idea of the undo button originated after numerous Twitter users requested an undo feature via a poll on the platform.


I think the undo feature would be great as celebrities can sometimes issue sensitive statements without thinking twice. This will give Twitter tweeters a small window to realize their intention and then choose to publish or retract the tweet. What other features would you like to see on Twitter? Describe your Twitter utopia in the comments section.

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