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Cryptography Anthem Players Already Disappointed by Cataclysm Event – Game Rant

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Anthem Players Already Disappointed by Cataclysm Event – Game Rant

BioWare’s forthcoming Cataclysm event for its online-only multiplayer action RPG, Anthem, doesn’t arrive until mid-July, but it seems some of its players are already disappointed by the event. The crux of the issue is that the scope of the event (which is set to last 8 weeks) seemingly pales in comparison to what was promised, and the major event does little to fix some of the game’s underlying issues.

For those not in the know, according to the lore of Anthem, a Cataclysm is when the Anthem of Creation overpowers a Shaper artifact, and the result is a powerful storm such as the Heart of Rage that decimated the Freelancer order. These were meant to manifest in the game as limited-time events that feature extreme weather, hostile enemy incursions, and new mysteries to solve. On the surface, it seems like the forthcoming Cataclysm checks off all of the boxes.

However, Cataclysms were meant to reshape and change the world map of Anthem forever, but instead, this is limited to three small “arenas” for the event. The event focuses on just killing as much as possible within a set timer before moving on to an elite boss, but it’s just the same objectives already found in the game. There are no new enemy types either. The graphical changes for the event are also underwhelming, as what has been shown thus far just seems to be a particularly rough summertime thunderstorm.

Furthermore, the Cataclysm event appears to be entirely self-contained (unlike what was promised). In other words, there are no permanent changes, other than minor weapon balance tweaks and the removal of the Anthem‘s luck stat. Full stat screens, free play markers, pilot progression, loot changes, and more were not discussed in relation to this event. Comments concerning the event have decreed it DOA and tons of sarcasm and mocking has also taken place, specifically of the fact that the Cataclysm essentially turns the screen blue, something many Mass Effect fans caught onto quickly.

anthem cataclysm event disappointment

On the other hand, this dissonance between what was announced and what is actually coming means that BioWare had grand plans for the event. It may not live up to all expectations when made into reality, but it’s possible that this 8-week event draws back some of its player base. That remains to be seen, but if so, that’ll likely do a lot to alleviate some of Anthem‘s matchmaking issues.

Anthem is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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