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  1. Dragon Eater says:

    Sorry Guv, but the three numbers is in no way going to be a chip or tattoo. No, naw, it's huge bright fire colored numbers. It's a brand on the human spirit. The Father's eyes are of fire, no? Well, so are scrolls written in this same shiny color, so is this same color on the forehead and forehand. Don't worry about chips or tattoos because 666 won't be put on people by man, it's put on those that have sinned against the Holy Spirit and cannot repent. Hence the number of the beast. The beast is Satan. Satan sinned against the Holy Spirit. 666 is obviously a number of doom. The numbers are already on the Whore of Babylon, the Antichrist, the False Prophet and on those in authority with the beast who are in the world now. Hey, if you see these numbers on someone you should probably be worried about who you are hanging around. It's very serious business.

  2. Anna Vee says:

    I'm so blessed to have nothing, so if they're hoping scare tactics will force a lot of people into getting chipped then they'll be very disappointed, because there are many like me.

  3. Hi ACFAU, I'm French and I think you know what's going on here
    I'm just wandering if there is more to it, just saw a message from "the people" where was an inverted pyramid with an eye and "from the people, for the people" written aside (got a picture if you want)
    I'm afraid we gonna have attacks here soon enough…
    Oh and actors are getting involved, so

  4. DirtyDean777 says:

    The Illuminati is basically set up for Modern Day Segregation of Witch Vs Cowan. You either convert into this “New Witch Order” or get “Left Behind”. ™️?⚡️?

  5. I have to state here that as odd as it may seem to others (and I do not know if there are others out there of whom have felt the same way as me.)

    But however I have get for sometime now that whenever I look at the Linked in sign I really do feel lie it's stating something EVIL ?.

    LINKEDIN I means that's what I see.
    It's just this horrid weird feeling that it's not what it says it is.

    Anyone else out there of whom has ever felt this as it would be entirely interesting to know.

    Much light and love

  6. There are those now experimenting with one of the major weapons of this scenario, that is the so-called psychotronic group of devices which are being experimentally used to cause such alterations in wind and weather as will result in eventual famine. If this program is not countered and proves experimentally satisfactory, the methods in this scenario would be made public. There would then be what those whom you call Russians hope to be a bloodless invasion of their personnel in this and every land deemed valuable. However, the peoples of your culture have little propensity for bloodless surrender.

  7. Everyone is being played Lucifer is a trickster and implementing AI so demotic entities can possess the IT killing off all humans and spirits of the underworld can then live in the material world.

  8. Call yesterday I was at work and a guy handed me his ID and he had one of those red string brackets around his wrist. I work around the very rich but they don’t know what I know. Can you do another video explaining that red string bracelet? Whenever you get time. Thank you in advance my brother in Christ.

  9. I think that black shooting and cops in a fake agenda

  10. Ashley Marie says:

    A Call! God Bless You! I really Enjoyed Today's Show! You're very on point! God Bless You and Your's!

  11. free Warrior says:

    This sickos are truly crazy

  12. I watched the show when Dr Oz said how good the chip is. Anything that helps someone keep track of you is not good. No one has the right to stalk you. That's what this is : stalking. Terroism.

  13. They’re gonna attack us with dirty chiggers

  14. Just watched a video on the US allies pushing a presidential emergency alert within this week as like the one we just recently experience

  15. Mick Pala says:

    The sheep deserve what they get. They have lost the frontier spirit. We need God guns guts attitude again.

  16. I believe something DEEPER will happen? For them, all this Illuminati talk, the chip, Hollywood deception and false flag stuff is child's play to them? They're actually laughing at us and STILL cashing in on all this stuff! Honestly speaking, It shouldn't matter what they have planned? Our belief in our Lord and Savior protects us from what the enemy has already planned? Stay prayed up everyone and be safe!

  17. Kyle Rein says:

    Too funny how most of the herd sees nothing and attempting to point such things out to them is completely counter productive. I really can't wait to see what this massive herd does when they have no internet and can't do anything for themselves. That should be their %90 population redux in no time. Imo a society so hopelessly ignorant and completely lost to the point of being gone. Well i say ignorance is bliss and if the herd can't see it or understand i think thats perfect Darwinism so to speak.. completely useless, its for the best of humanity to rid this from the gene pool. Get real, Seriously people!

  18. prestwoods1 says:


  19. Rachele Bog says:

    Have you watched the new Incredibles ? .. it's got so much black and white crap and hpnotic things with a villian called "screenslaver". There's a moment in the movie that the "screenslaver" is speaking ,saying in a creepy voice how for everybody just continue to be slaves to their phone and to. stay asleep . It's just like this

  20. Osaed Hasan says:

    The people which we call elite are the Gog and Magog,the greatest destructors of human race,and they control every aspect of our life..The point is if anything wrong happens to america it will effect the whole world..If this RFID chip comes and people start chipping themselves then it will be followed by every country..Its reaaly depressing to see that how dark and deep is a rabbit hole..

  21. Please check out newearth channel and the crow house. Must be open minded for these.

  22. oullerslb says:

    Im so happy to live in a small city in the northwest of canada where the water is pure and we dont get chemtrail yet.. im from the eastcoast and it was so baddd

  23. Ella Jade says:

    It's gonna be a big emp or they may call it a solar flare (faked). A big blackout will last months. Look at the economist magazine for the world in 2019. It's all black. Predictive programming: new Jordan's number 33 shoes called utility blackout. New call of duty game called blackout. It's coming this year. They're waiting for the mini ice age so we can starve and freeze to death. Get prepared. Also (kind of off topic?) if they say Russia does an emp I recall County Bluff making a vid with a code about that. (Like right after 41818) the presidential text alert and emergency alert in North America was to test those features for when they use it. Has the power been going out around you lately? Now you know why.

  24. People put too much emphasis on social media and technology, when they should be placing more effort on the more traditional ways of intereacting with people. Face to face , person to person. It is hard to know the true character of someone via cyber means, and even in person, it is sometimes questionable, but the eyes on a person many times never lie and a handshake and face to face conversation can reveal a person's character. Your chances of knowing someone better is much higher this latter way. The WWW already controls a good portion of the population and every platform is rigged. It is all a mind control game to test public opinon. A huge Spider web that traps your mind. And this, is just on the very surface of the "Internet Iceberg". Get my drift?

  25. Actually, there have been a GREAT MANY PROBLEM'S with the 'Chip' on animals. It has caused Cancer, it has caused Blood Clots, and other ISSUES!!!! Don't get me started with what it will do to human's!!!! Can you say 'ETERNITY IN HELL'?!

  26. Steve Taylor says:

    Like your voice and your style, keep it up!

  27. DankNSpank says:

    To be clear: Elites care nothing about your political ideologies, leanings, or beliefs. You're dead wrong if you think they're going to discriminate between "team blue and red" when they begin the culling.

  28. Research casacadia subduction zone

  29. Dion Bishop says:

    You devils love destruction that why in the bible GOD is going to kill every white fuckers living READ OBADIAH. PAGE 772 YOU ANIMALES ARE DEAD THANK GOD

  30. Fear is demon currency. Just watch Monsters Inc

  31. Kit snow says:

    a chip is a chip -no way am I getting a chip in my head or arm or wherever they're going to do this1 They can still get your info no matter what you do.

  32. cwstapleton says:

    I'm not taking that microchip! I already choose which side, Gods Side! Even if I have to go off the grid

  33. Kim C says:

    I think he needs to do one for the Halle and Chloe Beyoncé artist that video happy without me , so weird

  34. Kim C says:

    I mean they are talented but I just see the signs everywhere now that I’m more aware

  35. Last week, Facebook revealed that hackers accessed the names and contact information of 30 million users, and also swiped birth dates and recent searches from 14 million users.

  36. Dude that's not coming it's already here I am security and United States probably England I can guarantee you Israel have already got chips on them in them probably in their cars and their phones and no telling where else. This is your next credit card probably within the next 20 years and I can guarantee you they'll have a logical very helpful reason to do this oh yeah it will be for your safety and better met of all of us. Don't believe me

  37. Okay our government FBI probably CIA no telling what other letters been messing with third world country politics probably at least a hundred years definitely after World War II this is fact and now we're griping because somebody's did it to us. Maybe they might have did it themselves to have something to scare the public with that's exactly the way these people think I've got billions if not trillions of dollars of research on any kind of mind control device drug audio video whatever it takes to control people and their reactions to certain things. But I'll definitely would not say it's going to be here cuz it's already here and the high-level security people around the world.

  38. Robert l says:

    My dad has been hacked twice they tried buying stuff at Walmart online. Luckily the bank notice it was unusual and stoped it.

  39. Bayman Smith says:

    That cern hurrican on the way saints time to really pray together as one body of Christ that we are. In Jesus mighty name.

  40. Jesus Christ warns us, in revelation 13,it is thecantichrist who is the devil. DONEVER TAKETHE Mark of The Beast 666 Only Jesus Can forgive you,,and SAVE YOU, GOD is ALIVE!!!!!!!

  41. Crystal V. says:

    What are we supposed to do when the rfid is mandatory

  42. Ill be in the woods with u b4 i get that frkn chipp lol, were to meet up hahaha ❣???

  43. It is now  Feb.. 2019. Watch commercials for Super bowl 2019 with EMP .That symbol  for  US army has two lightning bolts and a sword. Any Bible verses come to mind? I beheld Satan…… People will go through withdrawal symptoms like a hardcore drug user if their phones went out for a week. If their TV 's went out for several weeks, can you imagine??   There would be wailing and knashing of teeth.  They would beg and plead for anything to end their pain.

  44. Been hearing rumors of an EMP attack that is supposed to be coming soon. Should knock the grid down for days, you saw how we had no social media for a day- just wait

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