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Published on April 22nd, 2020 📆 | 7175 Views ⚑


Arogya Setu App. Is the application endorsed by our Prime minister really safe?

Hello everyone we are back again with another cyber security update for you.
This time we are talking about Arogya Setu App. Is the application really safe. What are the issues? How to use it securely?
To get the answer to all of these questions watch the full video.
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The link for article about “Defender of your Digital Freedom” is
The article is really an amazing piece. Do read it for knowing about the concerns we have as Cyber Security experts.
Also the clip containing Mr. Narendro Modi(Our much loved Prime Minister) was taken from PMO India youtube channel(
If you want to read the full notification by Government on “Policy on adoption of Open Source for Government of India follow this link:
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Be safe.
Stay Updated.
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15 Responses to Arogya Setu App. Is the application endorsed by our Prime minister really safe?

  1. Magic man says:

    The video is good, could be improved.

  2. Nice informative video

  3. Appreciate your work in Cyber News field…Keep it up👍👍👍

  4. False video, the maker doesn’t even know the full use of this app. Highly expected from such people.
    Contact tracing is a major part of this app rather than only informing when near a Covid +ve person.
    Suppose you have Covid and meet 10 people. Those who have this app will be notified to get themselves checked as they’ve been near a Covid person. Contact tracing is a major concern in Covid cases which this app is solving.
    People like you are a blocker with half info. This app has been praised in the world and even Apple & Google are building this into their OS now.

  5. Superb bro…. Amazing 👌👏

  6. dear sir, ur work is really prestigious. but u didn't contain all things about setu app and one more thing this video fuel is 7-10 days old. BTW u did great!!!👍

  7. keep it up bro…. waiting for your next video😊

  8. completely agree bro…!!! lekin Disha ko beech mai nhi laney ka…she still be on top and for forever😆
    by the way….i do the same what you said in this video……..for security purpose this app is not safe.

  9. Nice video sir…. Very useful indeed…Every application has some pro and cons at its initial state…and becomes more better in their next release.

    But i want to know whether by knowing our location data will government can track all the illegal immigrants in india and can make that data useful in implementing NRC??… Hope u will reply soon

    Your viewer

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