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News ASD publishes approved cryptographic products list

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ASD publishes approved cryptographic products list

ASD publishes approved cryptographic products list

The Australian Signals Directorate has published a list of hardware and software products that have been evaluated via the ASD Cryptographic Evaluation (ACE) program.

The ACE program analyses products to determine whether their security architecture and cryptographic algorithms have been implemented correctly and provide strong enough protection for the product’s intended use.

It includes consumer guides for each improved product providing a summary of the findings and recommendations of the evaluation and a list of certified configurations.

The list of certified produces include data protection products such as versions of Microsoft’s BitLocker and BitLocker To Go, Sophos’s SafeGuard Enterprise and Utimaco’s SafeGuard Easy.

Meanwhile, two mobile-related products have also been certified — newer versions of Apple’s iOS and BlackBerry subsidiary Good Technology’s Good for Enterprise System Mobile Client.

The remaining ACE certified products on the list are all network device and system related. These include versions of Juniper Networks’ Junos network operating system, Aruba Networks’ ArubaOS mobility controllers, and several Cisco routers and security applications.

The list also includes network-related products from Senetas Security and Citrix.

Finally, the list also includes four products evaluated under the similar High Assurance evaluation program, which involves rigorous analysis and testing to search for any security vulnerabilities in a product.

The four products are the Silicon Data Vault High Assurance (SDV-HA) encrypted storage device developed by Secure Systems, BEA Systems’ Interactive Link Data Diode (IL-DD) secure optical transmission technology, Belkin’s Advanced Secure and Vertiv’s Avocent SwitchView KVM products.

Samsung has submitted its Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones — specifically the KNOX container functionality — for evaluation under the ACE program.

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