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Ashley Madison Hack : Will we have another set of Fappening?

Another Fappening waiting to happen with torrid details of 37 million users of Ashley Madison hack attack in the hands of hackers

The online adultery website which was hacked yesterday was committed to serving the unfaithful guys and gals around the world who were willing to cheat on their wives/husbands to find fun online. The adultery site whose motto was “Life is short. Have an affair,” had 37 million members and the hackers who go by the name of The Impact Team claim to have the full database of all the the members of Ashley Madison in their possession.


The sad part is that, this being a online cheating site, the members of Ashley Madison would have shared intimate nude images of themselves with their partners and vice versa. Considering the number of members that Ashley Madison has, the number of such nude intimate images could run into several gigs of data.

If the Impact Team does possess this data and plans to release the database containing such lurid images of the Ashley Madison members it would be a catastrophe for the members. On the other hand, the fans of Fappening would be overjoyed to lay their hands on such a big bounty of nude images after the November 2014 iCloud Hack leaks of the Hollywood celebrities.

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