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Being Human with Algorithms: ChristianThiel and DominikGolle (zd.b) (EN, 2019-11-19)

In this episode we discuss about privacy, responsibility, law enforcement, and many more highly interesting aspects of the digital transformation. Enjoy!

Christian Thiel ( and Dominik Golle are responsible fot the topic platform “Verbraucherbelange in der Digitalisierung” ( ) at the zd.b (center for digitization Bavaria

In his PhD, Christian Thiel taught machine learning algorithms to deal with uncertain data and teacher signals. Having experienced the pitfalls of algorithms, today he is thinking about the consequences that a digitisation of all aspects of daily life will have on consumers – and what needs to be done to make digitisation good for humans.

Dominik Golle holds a Master of Public Policy degree from Hertie School of Governance. His deep interest in digital transformation got a boost when working in Nigeria – so one of the thing he is thinking about today is how to improve public policy and company responsibility mechanisms to make the digital life of consumers more agreeable.


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