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Best Anime add-on for Kodi media player

Anime has slowly made its way into visual entertainment as a distinct genre with immensely popular characters that are derived from the famous manga. Although, watching anime on tiny screens is not as much joy as living its moments on the big screen. Smart TVs and Android TVs come with a browser but are not able to run the media and return crash reports. The applications for most manga services are not available or incompatible with most Smart TV.

Kodi media player bridges this gap by becoming your gateway to numerous anime websites and streaming services with the help of its video add-ons. The add-ons pull data directly from the streaming services and display it in the Kodi media player without any difficulty. You get to enjoy your favorite Anime titles on the big screen and in top-notch quality. If bandwidth is not a problem, a Kodi media player with add-ons is a great way to direct all your media consumption on the television. You do need to have a subscription for a few of the services, but I have compiled the list in a manner that focuses on maximizing the number of sites that provide free Anime and without any hidden costs.

Funimation NOW
The only absolutely free Anime streaming service add-on available for the Kodi media player. The library available on Funimation NOW will astound you, considering the sheer variety and the quality of the Anime. Right from action, comedy, drama Anime, to even more versatile fantasy, shoujo, shonen Anime options are available. All these media are absolutely free to stream without any restrictions for the user. The only downside to the free tier of Funimation NOW is that the advertisements are bundled in a way that hampers your binge-watch spree.


You can opt for the premium tier that costs around 5.99 USD a month, or the annual subscription plan both of which are devoid of any advertising or useless promotions. The only thing that I find a little restraining on Funimation NOW is that it is not available to all the countries and that will need a VPN to work with.

Crunchyroll is a similar anime streaming service that is available on all major platforms including the Kodi media player as a popular add-on. Crunchyroll makes up for its shortcomings by being accessible all around the globe. You do not need a VPN to visit the service or stream your favorite Anime, and only need to be a legitimate subscriber. The problem is that the add-on only works for premium users, so it is free in a way but not entirely free. For 7.99 USD a month you get loads of Anime. One-piece, Naruto, Boruto, Naruto Shippuden, my hero academia, Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, etc are available on the streaming service. Even new Anime like Black Clover, One punch man, and many more are present on Crunchyroll.

The only stipulation that I do not like is preventing the free users from accessing the add-on. What you save on your VPN will be spent on the monthly subscription, so choose wisely. It has an erratic update schedule and the developers are not that interested in rolling out frequent updates for the add-on.

Netflix isn’t free but the Anime library will impress you right off the bat. I was also oblivious to the fact that Netflix was adding these many titles to the Anime library. Right now you can watch almost all of the popular Anime like Naruto, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Hunter X Hunter (2011), Haikyu!!, The Seven Deadly Sins, ONE PIECE, The Promised Neverland, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood with newer ones that include Castlevania. Multiple users are a definite possibility on the Kodi media player add-on for Netflix so be prepared to embrace the Anime in full glory on your large TV.


Well if it wasn’t for YouTube, life would be very bland. YouTube is a legitimate source to watch free videos and anime as soon as they release on other platforms. You can watch anything almost free with less to no advertisement in the process. The problem with using YouTube add-on for Anime is that the newer videos are removed very soon so it may mess up your timeline if you want to watch a show right from the start or have missed an episode or two. YouTube is the most serviced add-on on Kodi media player and receives full treatment from developers that prevent the add-on from generating problems.

These were our best picks for Anime watching on the Kodi media player. There may be even newer and better add-ons that are now in development or have skipped my mind. Do mention your favorite Anime service on the internet and whether Kodi media player has an add-on for it or not.

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