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Videos Bug BountY PrograM EXPLAINED IN TELUGU || Books || Platforms

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Bug BountY PrograM EXPLAINED IN TELUGU || Books || Platforms

What is Bug Bounty in telugu || How to start earning money with bug bounty || How to learn || Best Books for penetration testing || #bugbounty #cybersecurity #penetrationtesting


➡️ A Notice to the team YOUTUBE : There is nothing harm content in this video you can analyse the video is about providing the information that users want that’s it… hope you don’t demonetize my video with no reason… thank you;)

Content in the Video :

• What is Bug Bounty
• Benefits of Bug Bounty
• Where to Learn
• about rewards
• Bug Bounty communities
• Bug Bounty platforms
• Books for learning bug BountY

What is SQL injection in telugu : https://youtu.be/9kDKH_iUj9Y

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