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News Byos Set to Launch Breakthrough Network Security Protection Hardware

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Byos Set to Launch Breakthrough Network Security Protection Hardware

Built primarily for businesses with travelling or remote employees, the Portable Secure Gateway is a lightweight, low-power device that connects into any computer or tablet through a USB, facilitating a network connection. It protects users from malicious activities transmitted through any access point, essentially putting their computer or tablet in protective isolation from the rest of the network.

While the Portable Secure Gateway itself is small and compact, a company’s IT department can remotely control a fleet of Byos devices through a SaaS platform, providing real-time protection from advanced security threats to their organization’s internet-connected appliances and corporate networks around the globe.

“We anticipate that this product will give IT teams significant peace-of-mind – particularly those that represent enterprises with high-value client data, sensitive information or intellectual property,” says Katz, CEO of Byos. “Credibility is important to our customers, and it is important to us. Our product is manufactured here in North America with a supply chain of components certified by our Fortune 150 chip supplier; our internal board offers hardware encryption and is tamper proof. Most importantly, we’re willing to put all of this to the test.”

Katz’s team has literally been doing just that.

They recently returned from the BlackHat Conference in Vegas known as the, “most technical and relevant information security event series in the world”, where Byos hosted a private “Bug Bounty” event for an elite list of security researchers that included: Gabriel Barbosa, Principal Security Researcher at Intel (USA), Gustavo Scotti, Principal Security Researcher at Intel (USA), Patrick Mathieu, Offensive Security Lead at Duo Security (USA), Colin O’Flynn, CEO of NewAE Technology (Canada), Thomas Roth, founder at Keylabs (Germany) and the offensive security team at Pride Security (Brazil).

The “Bug Bounty” is a challenge designed for security experts to attempt software, hardware and communication attacks to find weaknesses in Byos’ product in order to earn a reward. The benefit for Byos is to learn from the findings, with any issues found helping to improve the product’s security features. Results from the Bug Bounty held during BlackHat can be found on the Byos website. Byos has two more bounty events scheduled, visiting Amsterdam in September and Sao Paulo in October.

“Byos is really entering the marketplace at the ideal time,” says Katz, noting that the product’s enterprise applications make it an ideal security option for large corporations. “The issue of cyber security continues to trend and every CEO and their leadership team are looking for a credible, viable, and most importantly easy-to-use, option to keep employees’ computers and tablets, and private networks, secure. Byos’ Portable Secure Gateway is the solution.”

The Portable Secure Gateway will be making its official launch in late 2019. In advance of the product hitting the market, organizations can request a demo through the Byos website.


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