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CEO Interview: Today’s Threat Landscape Demands Conditional Access Everywhere

Today, too many organizations are approaching complex cybersecurity challenges by attempting to hire their way out of the problem while building disjointed and ineffective security implementations. In a recent interview with Security Weekly, Preempt CEO Ajit Sancheti explains what the modern threat landscape means for today’s enterprise security teams. His conversation with Paul Asadoorian, Founder and CEO of Security Weekly, also outlines how CISOs can use a Conditional Access security posture to address the challenges of the cybersecurity talent shortage and the unfortunate reality that most organizations can’t see or respond to malicious network activity in real-time.

The best measure of controlling your attack surface is identity – who is accessing what, and where, when and how. To address threats, enterprises must take a modern approach to authentication to secure all applications, data and assets – regardless of where they’re housed – using a dynamic security model that takes into account identity, behavior and risk.

The challenges are widespread: Preempt research finds 1 in 3 networks has exposed passwords, while more than 70 percent have stealthy admins. Security teams are overloaded, with a one-two punch of a lack of cybersecurity talent to hire, combined with a status quo of Frankenstein software implementations resulting in an avalanche of false alerts, security solutions that don’t talk to each other, and excessive manual and impossible to scale security processes.

Watch Ajit’s conversation Security Weekly at the March SecureWorld Boston conference to learn:

  • How security analysts can make better judgment calls and auto-remediate incidents
  • How you can apply the formula of Identity, Behavior and Risk to achieve conditional access, everywhere
  • What the customer journey should look like for implementing an effective security solution (e.g. walk before you run)
  • How to watch for and respond to privilege escalation and lateral movement, including handling common attack vectors, from PsExec to Mimikatz

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