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Published on June 22nd, 2020 📆 | 7020 Views ⚑


China-backed hackers charged in massive Equifax data breach

The Justice Department has charged four Chinese military officials in the massive 2017 Equifax data breach. Nearly 150 million people were affected as the hackers stole names, addresses, credit card and Social Security numbers. CBS News chief Justice and Homeland Security correspondent Jeff Pegues joins CBSN with the latest.

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34 Responses to China-backed hackers charged in massive Equifax data breach

  1. Deric says:

    I don’t trust American government fantasy. Another attempt by US to tarnish China good name.

  2. Liger Dave says:

    They sounded like there isn’t any investigation required further to prove but we know for sure these four are the masterminds. I very much love to see the evidences the gov has on hand

  3. 150 Million is just About the Entire Adult Population in Other Words EveryOne .

  4. And media tells me about Russia all day long.

  5. George Klk says:

    China – backed hackers charged in massive Equifax data breach…(purpose?).
    China accumulative U.S. Information warfare facts:

    1. Banking system and total current transaction information.

    2. Corporate engineer investment strategy for U.S. national defense.

    3. Corporate Intellectual property for marketing.

    4. NASA classified information for U.S. national defense.

    5. Potential recruits for the Chinese spy agencies.

    6. Political parties connection information.

    7. Residential home smart appliance devices…(power grid shut off timing).

    8. U.S. political voters preferences and campaign funds.

    9. U.S. driver vehicle tech information.

    10. U.S. residence addresses.

    China will use Artificial Intelligence to initiate their best strategic offense based on
    an effective counter measure to combat China's loss of trade leverage against the United States.


    1. U.S. sanctions hurt China.

    2. U.S. interference with Hong Kong hurt China.

    3. U.S. Intellectual Property agreement hurt China market dominance.

    4. Corona virus causes loss of economy hurt China.

    5. China fears an economic banking system crash.

    China will attempt to balance the scale with the United States.


    1. China could destroy the U.S. power grid system.

    2. China could interfere with U.S. banking transaction system.

    3. China could siphon $trillions from the U.S. treasury.

    4. China could interfere with U.S. satellite communication system.

    China executes strategic offensive to gain economic leverage without a major war with the United States.

    China knows the United States will not wage war according to

    U.S. Congress War Powers Act restricting use of…

    Declaration of War unless the United States is under military…

    foreign attack!

    As the United States tries to recover, chaos ensues with mass

    hysteria and confusion due to China's A.I. calculated strategy.

    The United States must be ready to counter the offense with a

    possible China – Russia alliance timed A.I. deployed strategy.

  6. Yuuji Lee says:

    i was thinking how US know that 4 hacker?
    and……they dint tell how they hack….its much have the way to do it….

    and…….WOW US hacked by China again!!!!?? when did china have such tech to do this?

  7. They sold the info for millions.

  8. George Klk says:

    Link explains how Equifax got hacked…
    Equifax vulnerable placed U.S.A. at risk!
    How Equifax got hacked
    YouTube · 125 views · 8/7/2019 · by shad sluiter

  9. Bay Bye says:

    if they live in China there is nothing the USA can do to them as China is not just going to turn them over…can only touch them if they go to the USA

  10. Artist Pr says:

    And Trump thinks he 's going to make a deal with them? They've probably got his password by now..

  11. China should hack and publish Trump's tax records

  12. anh tran says:

    Do not trust any Communist peoples…The History is there…The Lied is their life.

  13. Tewthpaste says:

    they say the U.S.A have the best technology in the world? still get hack like there is no world.

  14. I se Fred Flintstone take stage I'm wondering what he going to say.????

  15. DJ Jam Fu says:

    This can never be stopped,

  16. Jim R says:

    as usual. no evidence shown that chinese did anything. just an accusation. sure it wasn't the russians? the iranians? the venezualans? i dont believe anything the us gov says about anything. nor cbs for that matter. cbs and all the other mainstream media outlets are nothing more than gov propaganda mouthpieces

  17. gpop says:

    I dont have Credit. Why the F*** should Equifax get my data in the first place through so called legal sources. They also sell your data which they will deny of course. This is no surprise at all. Face Book just get a slap on on wrist and gave a green light to China. China, Russia and America doing it all the time. Nothing is going to change.

  18. chittur101 says:

    CCP is one big mafia ruling over a country.

  19. Ben White says:

    Agents in China are killed we should respond in kind.

  20. How did they preform the attack?

  21. D D says:

    Yep… I feel really good about our goverment protecting me… Really safe…. NOT

  22. its fake 。just a conspirac

  23. copy paste says:

    Meanwhile we give them some lame tradewar. China has to be stopped before it infests everything it touches. It will not suddenly get more democratic. Rather it will corupt the west with it's idiotic system – which by the way has nothing to do with comunism or democracy, it's just a control state who keeps its populace dumb and weak.

  24. Omar Comin says:

    what were these 4 people not just following orders. its pretty dumb to charge individuals when we know is a nation state

  25. Rock Paper Dice Enter is a thriller on this on Prime video

  26. I got my $3 check. Personal information was compromised and put on the dark web for purchase.

  27. Arrest Equifax. Equifax They can care less.

  28. It on the dark web. Your information is on the dark web..

  29. Lot of people who criticize Trump are SILENT on China.

  30. Sure blame the hackers rather than question the security integrity.

  31. China owns the Equifax. They are becomming an embarrassment to America as the number of Millinaire is greater in China with their modern day slaves work for 2 dolla an howa.

  32. rob revlin says:

    Now we know , why they're very successful..stealing technology for years.. i wonder how they do it, they must have a super FAST PC.

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