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Chrome OS hits the decade milestone

Chrome OS is celebrating a decade long success this week and brings out a plethora of new features for its users. The update titled Chrome OS 89 is slowly rolling out to the Chromebooks with a few tricks up its sleeve. Not all features bring too much change with them, but they increase the accessibility of 9f using a Chromebook. I will elaborate on the features down below that will get you amped up about the new update.

Phone Hub

Windows 19 has had a direct phone integration for a long, ever since the Lumia series with windows OS were a thing. Chrome OS adopts a similar technique to add and control your Android smartphone with the Chrome OS itself. The new update adds a tiny icon next to the status information pill for easy access. The icon opens into an elaborate menu that resembles the notification bar on Android. The top bar displays the device name along with the signal strength, battery percentage of the phone and a settings shortcut icon. The widow contains an option to locate your phone, a hotspot manoeuvring feature, and a button to cycle between the ring mode and silent mode. Chrome sync is getting better and now you can view the last two opened tabs from your phone on your Chromebook easily. The tabs appear as a shortcut that opens in the browser as soon as you click on them.



Screen capture

Chrome OS 89 brings the screen capture feature to the Chromebooks. You can easily capture images, videos, and audio from the Tote space, which is available within the Chrome OS itself. The screen capture icon appears in the quick settings menu. It is unclear that Tote space is physical storage space or makes a cloud backup of the recently captured media.

WiFi Sync

All it does is that it saves your password to your Google account. The Wi-Fi password of course. If you use any other device with the same Google account and try to connect with a trusted network, you don’t have to enter the credentials anymore. The sync feature will do that for you. Navigate to Settings and then to Connected devices. Click the arrow next to the phone and turn on Wi-Fi Sync.

Media Controls

The quick settings pane also incorporates a dedicated media control button. Using the button you can directly access and control the music player in a tiny window. The button appears as soon as you play a track and can be pinned to the quick settings bar for easy access.


The clipboard gets more powerful in the new Chrome OS 89 update. It shows a history of up to 5 items that you last copied. It includes images, text and other media. It will pop up in a tiny module as soon as you click on the paste option.

Auto search

Much like the power thesaurus extension, Chrome OS will present relevant search results for any highlighted keyword or text. It can include definitions, translations and unit conversions. The feature can be turned off by navigating to settings and selecting “Related Info”.



The virtual desktop feature ” Desks” get a major revamp in the new version of the Chrome OS. Users can now resume working on a desk even after rebooting the device. To add a desk, simply hit the show window key on the keyboard to start or access a desk.

Screen saver

Chrome OS 89 brings the screen saver changes by adding a similar interface as you would see on an Android phone. The lock screen can be personalized with wallpapers from the gallery or Google photos. The lock screen can be used to control music playback, access weather and many more options. The new tweaks can be found in the screen saver option in Chrome OS.

Nearby share

The nearby share will be available in a future update that allows uses to exchange files between android phones and Chromebooks. It is the only update that might not make it to Chrome OS in the version 89 update. Maybe any time soon or with Chrome OS version 90.


All these are the major changes that you will receive in the Chrome OS in the coming weeks. The build may be buggy at the start and may require a few updates before it starts working normally.






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