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Cisco Small Business 220 up to Web Management Interface command injection

CVSS Meta Temp ScoreCurrent Exploit Price (≈)

A vulnerability was found in Cisco Small Business 220 up to It has been rated as critical. Affected by this issue is an unknown code of the component Web Management Interface. The manipulation with an unknown input leads to a privilege escalation vulnerability (Command Injection). Using CWE to declare the problem leads to CWE-88. Impacted is confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

The weakness was presented 08/07/2019 as cisco-sa-20190806-sb220-inject as confirmed advisory (Website). The advisory is available at This vulnerability is handled as CVE-2019-1914 since 12/06/2018. The attack may be launched remotely. A single authentication is necessary for exploitation. The technical details are unknown and an exploit is not available. The structure of the vulnerability defines a possible price range of USD $5k-$25k at the moment (estimation calculated on 08/07/2019). The advisory points out:

A vulnerability in the web management interface of Cisco Small Business 220 Series Smart Switches could allow an authenticated, remote attacker to perform a command injection attack.

The advisory illustrates:

The vulnerability is due to insufficient validation of user-supplied input. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by sending a malicious request to certain parts of the web management interface. To send the malicious request, the attacker needs a valid login session in the web management interface as a privilege level 15 user. Depending on the configuration of the affected switch, the malicious request must be sent via HTTP or HTTPS. A successful exploit could allow the attacker to execute arbitrary shell commands with the privileges of the root user.

Upgrading to version eliminates this vulnerability. is providing further details. See 139596 and 139597 for similar entries.



VulDB Meta Base Score: 8.0
VulDB Meta Temp Score: 7.7

VulDB Base Score: 8.8
VulDB Temp Score: 8.4
VulDB Vector: 🔒
VulDB Reliability: 🔍

Vendor Base Score (Cisco): 7.2
Vendor Vector (Cisco): 🔒


VulDB Base Score: 🔒
VulDB Temp Score: 🔒
VulDB Reliability: 🔍
Class: Privilege escalation / Command Injection (CWE-88)
Local: No
Remote: Yes

Availability: 🔒
Status: Not defined

Price Prediction: 🔍
Current Price Estimation: 🔒

Threat Intelligenceinfoedit

Threat: 🔍
Adversaries: 🔍
Geopolitics: 🔍
Economy: 🔍
Predictions: 🔍
Remediation: 🔍Recommended: Upgrade
Status: 🔍

0-Day Time: 🔒

Upgrade: Small Business 220

12/06/2018 CVE assigned
08/07/2019 +244 days Advisory disclosed
08/07/2019 +0 days VulDB entry created
08/07/2019 +0 days VulDB last updateVendor:

Advisory: cisco-sa-20190806-sb220-inject
Status: Confirmed

CVE: CVE-2019-1914 (🔒)
Misc.: 🔒
See also: 🔒

Created: 08/07/2019 02:06 PM
Complete: 🔍


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