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Published on April 15th, 2020 📆 | 6597 Views ⚑


Cloudflare dashboard and APIs are down, some sites having issues

Cloudflare is experiencing outages in multiple components of its infrastructure including, the dashboard, API, and their Argo smart routing feature that are causing issues for some sites that are using them.

Starting at approximately Apr 15, 15:38 UTC, Cloudflare began experiencing an internal infrastructure outage that took down various services used by web sites to administer their website, provide better routing, or clear caches via APIs.

Cloudflare outage list
Current Cloudflare outages

According to Cloudflare’s updates, this outage is caused by a network connectivity issue in the data center serving the API and dashboard functions.

Cloudflare outage updates
Cloudflare outage updates

Cloudflare users who attempt to access the dashboard during this outage will see an “Error 522 Connection timed out error” as shown below.

Dashboard connection error
Dashboard connection error

Causing issues on some sites

For most sites, this outage is more of an annoyance as they will not be able to access the Cloudflare dashboard.

For other sites, such as Macrumors, it is causing their content to seem out of date because they are unable to access the APIs to clear the cache when they make an article update.

Macrumors Tweet

Other sites utilizing the Argo smart routing feature are entirely down due to this outage and are unable to disable Argo as they cannot access the dashboard.

Argo tweet

Cloudflare has been updating its system status report fairly frequently and BleepingComputer will update this article when more information is available or the issue is resolved.

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