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Covid-19 connected more people with digital technology #infographic

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in the whole world, it resulted in strict curfews and lockdowns in many countries of the world. Since the start of lockdown, several kinds of research have been done on the use of digital technology. One report in April showed that a vast increase in the use of technology was observed. However, the report issued in April continues today, despite the fact that most countries have eased the lockdown. A recent Coronavirus Multi-Market Study by GlobalWebIndex shows that out of every 10 internet users, 7 are seen spending more time on mobile phones as they used to pre-pandemic. However, half of the users are spending time on their laptops.

The boredom of lockdown led many people to do things in excess amount. One example is online streaming. The love for online streaming is already massive, and people have streamed way more movies and TV shows during the pandemic as ever.
Apart from entertainment, 8 out of 10 mobile users have been observed to keep a check on news articles and different reports regarding important events happening. Furthermore, a number of people have supported the needy ones through online funding.

One issue that many individuals faced during the pandemic was loneliness. But, technology has played a vital role in helping those individuals, including the elderly as well in combating and coping with their worst phase. Indeed, excessive use of technology can have harmful effects, but the right use of it can improve the quality of life for many people.

Covid-19 connected more people with digital technology

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