Videos Cyber Attack: Ransomware causing chaos globally - BBC News

Published on April 5th, 2019 📆 | 7622 Views ⚑


Cyber Attack: Ransomware causing chaos globally – BBC News

Tens of thousands of organisations have been caught out by a computer virus called WannaCry. The malicious software locks data away and demands a payment of up to $300 (£230) a time before it will restore scrambled files. In the UK, many hospitals fell victim and some health organisations diverted ambulances and cancelled non-essential services as they sought to contain and clean up the infection. Infections in more than 99 nations are being reported by security firms. It appears that the hardest hit are Russia and Spain.

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29 Responses to Cyber Attack: Ransomware causing chaos globally – BBC News

  1. I really need to switch to Linux… or at least get a dual boot so I can run Linux daily and Windows when I need to.

  2. Py Nchia says:

    so to the masses it is acceptable to use an OS (Windows) that allows alien software to corrupt the system. Clicking on an email, visiting a website. Such miserable OS should not be used at all in public services! For a number of reasons, by the way…

  3. Cowlicker 72 says:

    "make the network safe again" LOL the network never has and never will be safe as long as cocksucking government organizations continue to push for back doors in software and operating systems

  4. so what i do to no virus pls!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Issie wizzie says:

    Maybe Y2K is finally here in a different form(ransomware)….. and its all downhill from here.

  6. It would have been better if EU had their own Operating System, and so China. The world has heavily depended on American IT products, which is too bad and needs changing soon.

  7. I haven't checked my emails since '97 so I should be good…

  8. @BBC News this isnt sent by email the virus is a work it can execute itself on computers without an email

  9. 1066gaz says:

    What this all about is they want you to make the switch from windows xp to the latest windows.
    The big businesses are behind this attack.
    All code is the same and all computers new & old can be hacked.
    We windows xp owners around the world are happy as we are we don't want to lose all our large collection of programs that we use.

  10. Wait wait wait…. Can you update the security shit if you have pirated Windows?

  11. I had a dream like last week or so and I dreamed that I was playing my game on my computer and then suddenly it stopped and turned to a message and got hacked and I said something like, "AHH FUCK", and now that computers getting hacked… idk what to say :|||||||||||

  12. TheKero2012 says:

    Investment tip: Apple stock will be on the rise after all this. The NSA must have had a secret deal with Apple.

  13. Andy Sledge says:

    Common Sense/Backups protects your from most Viruses

  14. we can use Bitdefender AntiRansomware tool to prevent this attack..

  15. Ironclad says:

    The BBC is my favorite propaganda outlet for the shadow government.

  16. Alpha says:

    This is worst then CIH virus for Windows 98.

  17. it looks really scary.

  18. not sure! but seems to be a Microsoft strategy to roll out these type of information and malware so that there users updates their system and should be inspired to purchase their licensed version only.

    who else can make more revenues then Microsoft itself.

    how they had already released the patches which ensures that there would not be any malware attack.

    these are just question which were arising on my mind. no offense!

  19. it has now been established that the software that was used in this virus attack was stollen from a U.S. intelligents agency, now why have you no memory, what did Obama do just before he left office? HE SIGNED AN ORDER THAT ALLOWED ALL SENITIVE INFO. TO BE GIVEN TO ALL17 INTEL AGENCIES, THAT MEANS THOUSANDS OF EMPLOYEES AND CONTRACTORS HAD AND HAVE ACCESS TO INFORMATION WHERE AS BEFORE ONLY ONE HAD, SO COME ON FOLKS WHY WOULD HE DO THAT, YOU DON,T KNOW, IN THE NAME OF GOD WAKE UP.

  20. Austritistan says:

    This is one of those videos where the overall content is great and helpful but the comments are pure cancer

  21. Peter Downey says:

    After noticing similarities between Wanna Decrypt0r and the earlier CryptoLocker ransomware, I'm starting to suspect that the perpetrator of the Wanna Decrypt0r attack could possibly be Russian computer hacker and CryptoLocker chief suspect Evgeniy Bogachev. The problem is, though, that Russia's constitution does not permit the extradition of its own nationals, so any evidence would have to be sent to Russia for Bogachev to be prosecuted there.

  22. Ben G says:

    Randsomware is created by the central banks so they can get paid in Bitcoin, then they can
    point their finger and say "You see, Bitcoin is evil" The truth is that
    Bitcoin is good. They don't like it because it underminds their world
    domination plan.

  23. TrueTDH says:


  24. Moi sama says:

    LMFAO @0:35 that stupid old fart doesn't even know wannacry is worm, victims don't have to click anything to get infected, shut the fuck up stupid piece of rotten shit

  25. MrBudha888 says:

    The global cyberattack has now been officially been blamed on Islamic State, before the BBC were so eager to blame N.Korea via Lazarous. The BBC are now changing their story again!!!Why are people so bloody blind to the fact that the UK & US have a joint organisation for sharing information on secret info such as GCHQ??? Why are people so surprised???? This cyber attack was planned, no rag tag terrorist group can pull this off, unless they had help from states like UK & US Intelligence. I find it very hard to believe anything msm says!!! Message to BBC, stop spreading your filthy lies & propaganda!!!!

  26. Sup3rTalks says:

    Are you retarded wannacry isn't a email shit

  27. James Baker says:

    If the software approach to ransomware/malware isn't stopping the problem then why not look at a different approach. At we take the #hardware approach to combating the problem of ransomware and any and all APT's

  28. ram prasad says:

    Ransomware is being a great threat today as more activities are taking place online. However its best to be safeguarded from them and antivirus would be the best option.

  29. Shine Shine says:

    PewDiePie is doing ransomware attack on tseries ????????????????

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