Did a Ransomware Virus Encrypt Your Files? Are You Looking For Ransomware Decryption Tools? ☣️🚫📁 – Digitalmunition

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Published on May 27th, 2020 📆 | 7345 Views ⚑


Did a Ransomware Virus Encrypt Your Files? Are You Looking For Ransomware Decryption Tools? ☣️🚫📁

👍 An encryptor virus (also known as ransomware) is a most dangerous type of malware. After penetrating an operating system, they delete user files after creating encrypted copies. It is impossible to decrypt the files without a special encryption key, which is impossible for an ordinary user, so the information is lost forever, in fact.

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As a rule, such viruses show a pop-up message “Your personal files are encrypted” and suggest you should pay for decryption, but it’s just a waste of money, so don’t. Let’s see in detail what to do if your computer has been attacked by such virus and your files are encrypted.

How can you tell that you are attacked by a ransomware virus? Your files will be deleted and replaced by copies having the same extension.
Pause this video and study this information, or find it in the description of this video:

pzdc, crypt, good, locked-{original_name}.{4 random letters}, {CRYPTENDBLACKDC}, {original _name}@{mail_domain}_.{set of_symbols}, {original_name}.crypt, {original_name}.crypz, {original_name}.cryp1, .xtbl, .ytbl, .breaking_bad, .heisenberg etc.

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If you have such copy of your files, then you’re lucky and you can recover them after the virus is deleted. Such backup could be made by a program which you installed and adjusted, or independently by one of Windows tools: file history, restore points or system image backup. In the description, you will find links to the videos where we examine this problem in detail.

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42 Responses to Did a Ransomware Virus Encrypt Your Files? Are You Looking For Ransomware Decryption Tools? ☣️🚫📁

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  2. Please help me virus nppp online

  3. greetings please i my files are infected with the .remk ransomware i need help on how to decrypt the files

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  6. KaeL DLGN says:

    .npsk pls i need help i have important documents on pc how to recover them

  7. Guys tip of you removed the virus go to cmd run admin then type sfc /scannow

  8. HI , appreciate the work you are doing .Can you help me too . All my files have .mando extension . Eg myfile.txt.mando

  9. there is now virus that encrypt your data. and change the file with "mado" extension. the heck

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  11. How To recover .opqz files

  12. didnt help me none. mine has a .zepto file at the end

  13. how i can recover my data from .mado file extension or mado ransomeware.Please Help

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  15. it doesn't show any decryptor for bora and reco virus

  16. How to decrypt .Kodg
    I have tried emsisoft but it didn't worked, finally I loose and thinking to buy a new laptop

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  18. thanks bro put a video on .mpaj

  19. Your files are encrypted …..what should i do

  20. sau cheung says:

    Are you sure that you can decrypt .OPQZ files?

  21. Bluespider says:

    What about .dewar file?

  22. Mr Cosmic says:

    I can open it from
    The window icon please help

  23. Hi I got a randsomware with the extension docm , I have searched the internet but there is little or no help , please help .

  24. please help me my extension is .lalo

  25. Beleaua` says:

    I can t install antiviruses becuse it is not letting me

  26. asif ahmed says:

    Please help. How to recover ".qewe" encrypted file?


  28. Bimo W N says:

    Can you help 😭😭 for varian .qewe ransomware ? Please help me

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  33. please help, the solution of virus sadogo

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  35. joesr31 says:

    Mine is .sqpc but I can’t find any on the website

  36. Please help me to decrypt ".rezuc" files

  37. Grael says:

    Aeeeee seus zipnecks vou recuperar meu pc

  38. Brother please help to decrypt from .mzlq format my pc is fully corupted wth this format 😢😢

  39. PLEASE HELP! How to recover " .Adame " file?

  40. Please help decrupt for all koti extension file

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