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Dish TV, Airtel, Tata Sky Offer Free Access to Service Channels Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, and Tata Sky are offering free interactive service channels to entertain TV viewers during the coronavirus lockdown. While Airtel Digital TV and Dish TV are providing four service channels to their customers for free, Tata Sky has added as many as 10 such channels. The additional channels are targeted at various age groups and deliver content that is aimed to help viewers learn skills such as cooking, dacing, and fitness while staying at home. All the three DTH operators are offering the service channels for free until April 14, the last day of nationwide lockdown, at least for now.

Airtel Digital TV subscribers will have free access to Aapki Rasoi, Airtel CuriosityStream, Airtel Seniors TV, and Let’s Dance service channels. Aapki Rasoi brings cooking sessions featuring celebrity Indian chefs. It can be watched on channel number 407. Airtel Digital TV subscribers can also switch to Airtel CuriosityStream on channel number 419 to watch thousands of films and series covering space, art, volcanoes, history, travel, cars, architecture, and dinosaurs. Additionally, there is Airtel Senior TV with content specifically designed for elderly members. It can be tuned in on channel number 323.

Airtel Digital TV subscribers can also access Let’s Dance that provides access to virtual dance classes that teach Indian Classical dance forms such as Bharatnatyam and Kathak as well as Western styles including Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Salsa among others. It is available on channel number 113.

Channel NameChannel Number
Aapki Rasoi407
Airtel CuriosityStream419
Airtel Senior TV323
Let’s Dance113


Similar to Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV subscribers are getting Ayushmaan Active, Fitness Active, Kids Active Toons, and Kids Active Rhymes for free. The Ayushmaan Active service channel is targeted at senior citizens and is accessible on channel number 130, while the Fitness Active channel is aimed at fitness freaks and is available on channel number 132. The bouquet also has the Kids Active Toons and Kids Active Rhymes channels, specifically for children, that can be accessed on channel numbers 956 and 957, respectively.

Channel NameChannel Number
Ayushmaan Active130
Fitness Active132
Kids Active Toons956
Kids Active Rhymes957


If you are a Tata Sky subscriber, you have been provided with 10 additional service channels for free. These are Dance Studio on channel number 123, Fun Learn on 664 and 668, Cooking on 127, Fitness on 110, Smart Manager on 701, Vedic Maths on 702, Classroom on 653, English on 660 for Hindi viewers and 1424 on Telugu, Beauty on 119, and Javed Aktar on 150.

Channel NameChannel Number
Dance Studio123
Fun Learn664 and
Smart Manager701
Vedic Maths702
English660 (Hindi) 1424 (Telugu)
Javed Aktar150


Alongside free access to the service channels, Tata Sky has provided a credit facility to its customers that can be accessed by giving a missed call on 080-61999922 from their registered mobile number. This will be helpful specifically for those who have been unable to recharge their account.

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