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Published on June 7th, 2020 📆 | 8367 Views ⚑


DOJ indicts Chinese nationals in massive Equifax data breach

The Justice Department has announced charges against four Chinese nationals in connection to the massive 2017 Equifax data breach affecting millions of Americans. Jeff Pegues joins CBSN with more on the two year investigation.

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36 Responses to DOJ indicts Chinese nationals in massive Equifax data breach

  1. guild war says:

    now they find somebody else to blame, charges should be to Equifax for irresponsible, people didnt authorize to use their personal data, if they will use my personal data they need to protect it

  2. Hey you 👋🏿 you’re not reading this by mistake. Don’t take life for granted. Amazing things are coming your way. Stay in touch 🙂

  3. *Insert coronavirus joke here*

  4. This is disgusting Trump administration has failed Americans in protecting us from these forgiven hackers. Are we safe anymore?????

  5. MEDiAgamer says:

    These indictments are pointless. Not like the U.S. can do anything about it.

  6. Hard Way says:

    What's for? Just to find out most Americans close to broke?

  7. World is coming to an end anyway..
    So what does it matter..
    Just stop boohooing…

  8. I'm sure China will cooperate and extradite them to the U.S. so they can face justice

  9. Boe Jiden says:

    Failed impeachment + coronavirus + big hack = ?
    Reply with your answer

  10. JrVtec says:

    See? The DOJ is no joke, Yet trump chose Rudy to investigate the bidens by wanting Ukraine to just announce they'd investigate them to smear their name and influence the US 2020 elections, Amazing…

  11. Zipperheads are really having some bad luck…

  12. Sean says:

    oh really? and the president DT mentions that Xi is a nice guy and his best friend? what an integrity of government.

  13. VONG LAP says:

    Chinese ppl now just care about their lives #coronavirus

  14. Translation: tariff war is alive and well. 🙄

  15. " Trump Adminstration : As for as we know " . The Truth : Your financial identity has been compromised, some people have caught on & reported to give the DOJ probable cause evidence to take action.

    It is NOT as far as they know, it is that they do know. You all can be going financially broke in no time & credit cards maxed out now. Bank accounts needs changed, credit cards needs changed, pin numbers need changed then hope and pray that they don't use your information to gain new online card information to steal from.

  16. jvaldez5 says:

    Target those adversaries and You could mess up their credit scores. After all these credit agencies take forever in fixing mistakes. So in essence they are using the bureaucracy to eat itself

  17. GOOD LUCK bringing the 4 Chinese Military hackers to the USA for a trial…. I bet they don't want to come here…..

  18. First Last says:

    When will the charges for bio hacking a virus and starting a global pandemic come down?

  19. Good thing Treasonous Trump places a priority on American Cyber Security protecting us from Russian and Chinese hacking 🤣😂🤣😂

  20. Tristan says:

    And l never got récompensantesd for this

  21. Hacker happened during Obama's Administration's never done anything Obama's just left it that way ..then why have 5G more hackers are eyeing for this..

  22. Et x says:

    you cant believe Trump's FBI

  23. The Department of Justice cannot be trusted just like our president and anybody that follows him they were all corrupt whatever they say is a bunch of BS I’m sure will find out in a couple of years that this was just a distraction

  24. And it will only continue even more around the world from any government and also from within.

  25. word says:

    Good thing Trump and the GOP invite foreign hacking and seem super concerned about protecting our information and voting system… 🙄

  26. Nikki Lee says:

    How do you find out if you one of those millions of ppl information?

  27. Paul G says:

    The majority of hacks are done by our own government agencies, the CIA is probably responsible! They will blame others, just like they will in the future when they cause power grids to go out and blame other countries!!!! None of that data benefits those Chinese kids whatsoever, so, please take a breath and use your brains people!!!! Fake news, it's fake because the true story has been altered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Israeli false flag operation

  29. Americans keep sleeping on these third country's . So they the internet to make it easier to do things . But now its worst . So beware ,

  30. Yea right . they clone credit cards and others get the charges . So Beware .

  31. Bipin Babu says:

    its a shame that usa is ruled by a clown

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