Enzyre announces strategic partnership with Takeda to accelerate development of pioneering diagnostic technology platform for hemophilia patients | Nachricht – Digitalmunition

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Enzyre announces strategic partnership with Takeda to accelerate development of pioneering diagnostic technology platform for hemophilia patients | Nachricht

NIJMEGEN, Netherlands, March 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Enzyre, which is developing breakthrough ambulant diagnostic technology for blood coagulation testing, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Takeda) to develop assays for the diagnosis and monitoring of congenital bleeding disorders. The partnership builds on the existing research collaboration agreement signed in December 2019. Takeda confirmed the partnership by investing in Enzyre and joining its supervisory board.

The Hemophilia Enzycard, the first product using Enzyre’s proprietary Enzypad platform technology, can be used to determine the coagulation status of patients with hemophilia, a rare genetic disorder that affects an estimated 400,000 people worldwide.[1] Those with hemophilia lack sufficient blood-clotting proteins, for example factor VIII (FVIII), causing them to bleed for a longer time after an injury compared to people without hemophilia. Due to the complexities associated with managing the condition, there are benefits to patients from being able to safely monitor their condition from home while staying connected with their care team by tele-medicine. Enzycard will enable patients to test in a home setting, immediately transferring coagulation status results to the patient’s treating physician through a mobile phone app. This allows for timely personalized therapy adjustments that may improve outcomes, while avoiding unnecessary patient travel and hospital exposure, ultimately decreasing overall treatment burden and cost.

Dirk Pollet, Chief Executive Officer of Enzyre, said:“We have worked closely and successfully with Takeda over the last 5 years and are very pleased to strengthen our partnership. Takeda’s commitment is validation of our ground breaking technology, and reflects our combined goal to drive the standard of care forward for patients tackling bleeding disorders, enabling an improved quality of life.”

Chris Easton, Global Commercial Lead, Innovative Patient Solutions at Takeda commented:“At Takeda we are committed to driving better health and a brighter future for patients through treatment innovation and strategic partnerships. Technologies like Enzyre’s Enzypad platform support Takeda’s ambition to deliver personalized care and address the unique needs of every single patient. We are excited to continue working together with Enzyre to realize our common goal of advancing the standard of care and optimizing treatment outcomes for patients with bleeding disorders.”

About Enzyre

Enzyre, based in Nijmegen, is a spin out from Radboud University Medical Center in The Netherlands aiming to develop a diagnostic device that enables patients to test in a home setting focused on blood coagulation which maximizes flexibility of the user. Enzyre’s platform technology is unique as it requires just a small volume of blood and is able to measure up to twelve (12) reactions simultaneously with high sensitivity and specificity without any laboratory infrastructure; at the home, on the road or in a critical care setting. Enzyre’s proprietary technology is a small single use diagnostic tool with high sensitivity and specificity. It has broad application in several disease settings. This offers enormous benefits to patients in that it can avoid crisis situations driven by changes in coagulation status; provides ease of mind for patients; offers the potential to empower patients to optimize treatment themselves; can be quick turnaround tool in the clinical setting; can reduce GP consultation visitsand as a personalized diagnostic tool, offers great support in a tele medicine setting.

For more information please visit www.enzyre.com.

[1]World Federation of Hemophilia. General Care and Management of Hemophilia. Guidelines for the Management of Hemophilia. Last updated in 2016. Accessed February 2021. Available at: http://elearning.wfh.org/resource/general-care-and-management-of-hemophilia/

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