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News Ex-US NSA John Bolton regains access to his Twitter account

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Ex-US NSA John Bolton regains access to his Twitter account

John Bolton, the former National Security Adviser in a series of tweets said that he was able to access his personal Twitter account again after White House blocked his Twitter account in September after he resigned from his position. However, President Donald Trump refused to the accusation. 

John Bolton in the spotlight after impeachment inquiry

In the past, there have been several conflicts between Bolton and Trump on the issues surrounding foreign policy. Trump in his statement said that the ‘hawkish’ Bolton was not very compatible with the administration and always was on the opposite side of the policy. After the impeachment hearing, Bolton took the spotlight and his actions and words were closely monitored by the media. Bolton, who is one of the witnesses has refused to testify in the impeachment inquiry unless the federal judge considers that he can be “compelled to testify against the White House’s wishes.” However, the lawyer of Bolton argued that he has knowledge of several relevant meetings and conversations related to President Trump’s call to his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky. 

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Bolton gained back access to his Twitter account

Bolton posted a series of tweets saying that he is relieved to be operating his Twitter account.


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Donald Trump questioned the White House during his interview asking whether they froze the account of Bolton. He further said that he shared a good relationship with Bolton. 

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