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Published on September 10th, 2019 📆 | 1887 Views ⚑


Eyes in the Sky #1 | Constant Hawk, Angel Fire, & Gorgon Stare

Eyes in the Sky Part 1 dives into the introduction of WAMI/WAAS air surveillance technology and its origins. This includes the Predator, ARGUS, Constant Hawk, Angel Fire, Gorgon Stare, and the different organizations who influence them–such as the US Air Force, DARPA, NSA, and many other government organizations that created this technology during Afghanistan and Iraq wars. These constant eyes are a real, dystopian nightmare for user privacy.

As for the future, community readings are not something that will be continued on the channel.

Transparant Sky: https://www.transparentsky.net
Video: https://youtu.be/xj4zRQ-NnjQ

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15 Responses to Eyes in the Sky #1 | Constant Hawk, Angel Fire, & Gorgon Stare

  1. Mr Sponge says:

    Humanity is going to end because of greed.

  2. What's up with Discord? Not working for me?

  3. Can you do a vpn review on surfshark

  4. Tom says:

    Did you hear about NordVPN's data breach last year?

  5. Hey I got someting to ask, I got a Samsung Galaxy S5 and months ago wend the battery go like on 30% and wend I go on Snapchat, Twich or some other website the phone turn itself off and then afther a wile the phone keep turn itself off evend wend I use YouTube and the battery is not completly brane, this pass May I fix it by replacing the battery, can you tell me wath was happening to my phone and tell me wath I got to do to make sure that this never happend again?

  6. Saber says:

    hey this probs isnt the video for this but i just need to know. i still use SoftEther VPN and i was wondering if there was one like it but better like free, no data log, unlimited and so on. help is extremely appreciated <3

  7. Wow how about 2 cameras – duh- nonsense🙈

  8. 2:28 you disliked his video 😂 hahahaha that's awesome 💯

  9. L S says:

    Hey Henry, great video again 🙂
    I knew there would be something like that but you really brought it to the point.
    What really surprised me is, that you believe in 9/11. There are mathematicians and architects which basiclly proved that there was no chance that the building could fall together as it did from just a plane crashing into it. If you watch the videos it seems even to me a bit more like a good planned explosion. Further more it was even to this time pretty unlikely that an airplane could get so much off from it's actual route without getting shot down from the air force and the biggest prove for me is there was the world trade center 7 building which fall together without a plane hitting it, and its not mentioned in the offical report from the united states at all…
    There are so much theories because it just benfeited the us economy.
    I had a time where I really did my researches on it as good as possible and I will try to provide you some trustable sources but the next time it's going to be hard because I have not that much time.
    This is the first link I found to this topic: maybe check it out shortly https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NLlMXkWW_LM

  10. Vanadain says:

    There is a LOT of data, that 9/11 was an inside job. Sad and scary, but possible.

  11. Asked this last time too, but yeah, I'm really waiting for the Tor video in section 4….the thing is, I am working on"anomalizing" myself, and I'd need to know what are the reasons against using Tor as a main browser… my firefox got cursed, and I really don't wanna reinstall it, anyways Tor would be a faster (and probably more secure) way for me, but again, what are the arguments against using it as my main browser?

  12. Minority Report irl is not far off.

  13. This is really scary man. It looks like an interesting book. Now I can't wait for the next couple chapters

  14. Techlore says:

    All of this information was snagged from Eyes in the Sky, and it is only a fraction of it! As for the future, community readings are not something that will be continued on the channel.

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